Infinite Fiction is...

A full-service studio specializing in concept and creation of high-end visual effects, beautiful motion design and 3D animation. 

The team is made up of industry veterans (read: nerds) with a global network of partners and world-class artists on tap for anything: live action, design, brand strategy, VR, digital content... So, yes. We cover all the buzzwords: storytellers, award-winning, content creators, turnkey, custom solutions, visionary, cutting-edge, problem-solvers, creative partnership, shareable, viral...? Yay! 

But, who are we, really? We're nerds. We're passionate about beauty. We believe story is everything. We relish technical challenges and lose sleep over kerning. We have taste, but are still a little rough around the edges. We'll be honest, even when you may not want us to be. Because in the end, we sincerely care about ensuring that every project is something we will all be proud of.